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32nd Convocation - A Report

The 32nd Convocation of V. Ramakrishna Polytechnic College was held on Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at 10.30 am. The programme began after the Academic Procession came into the hall and all the dignitaries settled in their seats on the dais. It started with the Invocation song Tamizhthaivazhuthu. The Kuthuvilakku was then lit by the chief guest and other dignitaries. Mr. E. Joshua Raj Mohan Acting Principal welcomed the Chief Guest Mr. M Chandrashekar Senior Vice President SRF Ltd, the guests from SRF Mr. A. Narayanan DGM - Safety & Admin and Mr. K. Kalaiselvan DGM - HR. All the guests were honored with a bouquet and memento Mrs. Devika Sivakumar in her Presidential address praised the students on their achievement and also cautioned them that they were now entering the next phase which would demand greater responsibilities for fulfilling challenging commitments. She also thanked the Sr. Managers of SRF for their support in providing opportunities to VRP in various ventures.

Chief Guest Mr. Chandrasekhar‘s speech was very informative. He said that students had an important role to play in the development of the society and Nation. The world has been going through an economic crisis over the past few years. In some countries the growth rate was low and a few even had a negative growth rate. India on the other hand was doing well mainly due to the service sector, the major contributor being IT. The progress in manufacturing sector was slow. He also said that Dr APJ Abdul Kalam had a dream which he called as the Vision 2020. He envisioned that India would be among the top developed countries by 2020 . Mr Chandrashekar further stated that the GST Bill was passed and this uniformity in tax structure would give a boost to the Manufacturing sector. Economic reforms will create a conducive environment for business to grow and create ample job opportunities. Students should not only have sound domain knowledge but also acquire knowledge of other disciplines since the work environment today requires interdisciplinary knowhow. Efforts should be taken by those responsible for Curriculum development to include entrepreneurship as the essential part of education system. He motivated the students and said “Have a dream and think of what you would want to be remembered for”. Finally he congratulated the College Management and staff for their efforts in providing all round development of students.

Mr. Chandrashekhar declared the 32nd convocation open and distributed the Diploma Certificates to all the recipients. Mr. E. Joshua Raj Mohan administered the pledge and the students took the pledge with pride. Felicitations were presented by the other guests. Mr. Narayanan congratulated the recipients on achieving their Diploma in spite of all distractions. He quoted a Thirukural to drive the thought that they should make their parents proud with their deeds. He suggested that they should do their higher studies and keep updating their knowledge. He concluded by asking them to keep the good traits and do away with the bad ones. Mr. Kalaiselvan wished the students and said that they should not lose opportunities to acquire higher qualification. This would help them scale up the career ladder at a faster pace. He also said that they must keep in touch with their teachers and friends through the social networking media.

Mr. Chandrasekhar declared the 32nd Convocation closed.

Next the chief guest and other guests did the honors of distributing gold medals, cash prizes and certificates to students for their proficiency and merit in various categories of performance in academics. Vice Principal Mr. M. Sundaravadivel proposed a vote of thanks. The programme concluded with a national anthem. 


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