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Department of Computer Engineering

The Department of Computer Engineering Offers, 3 year Diploma Program in Computer Engineering. The Department is well equipped with the Computer Hardware Servicing & Networking, System Administrator, Database Management, Programming and Multimedia Labs.

The Curriculum provides Technical Exposure to students, starting from the working of Computer & its peripherals, Understanding the functioning & administration of various operating systems including the Open Source Software, ability to load & use various application Software, the ability to write Computer programs  in High level languages, Trouble shooting of Desktop, Laptop computers & Peripherals, ability to develop multimedia applications using animation tools, Developing web applications , Knowledge & the Principles of Digital data transmission ,communication methodologies & Network  technologies including Network security, understanding the Databases & Database Management systems.

Regular IIT –Spoken tutorial Workshops are given to students, which will make them to understand & work with Open Source Software.

The students should do a project in the Final year, which will give them the Knowledge of principles of management and entrepreneurship to manage resources optimally, various techniques of economy and quality awareness of opportunity available for setting up one’s own enterprise and its benefit.

The Syllabus is revised by Directorate of Technical Education, relevant to the needs of the industry and global scenario that suits Diploma education.




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