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Training on Advanced Excel

Trainer Name:Mr. K.Srinivasan

Tamil Nadu Advanced Technical Training Institute (TATTI)

Venue : V. Ramakrishna Polytechnic College

Duration : 30Hrs (5 days From 16/02/19 to 16/3/19 -5 Saturdays)

We selected students from I and II year of Computer Engineering for training in Basic and Advanced Modules of MS-Excel.

The main objective of this training was to make students proficient in Excel

Students Learnt:

1.Excel Basics

2.Formulas and Functions (HLookup, VLookup function and data validation with Excel, formulas, fuctions)

3.Working with Data (Data Sorting, Data filtering, Tables, Charts)

4.Advanced Concepts (Conditional formatting, PIVOT Tables)


Workshop@ AMS on 15 th February 2019

The workshop provided to the II yr students hands on training in Java AWT Classes.

Students gained knowledge about the user interface toolkit called Abstract Window Toolkit, (AWT) which interacts with the user of the program. User interfaces take many Forms, which is designed by AWT Components. The students also understood about the different AWT Layout Managers.

III Year Students got hands on training in Android Application Development.

Students developed applications for Storing & Retrieving data from Internal and External Memory and also for location tracking using Google map.

Students found the workshop was very useful.

Capacity Building Program from 6th to 8th Feb 2019

Ms. G. Bhagyalakshmi, Priyanka, Mr. A. Purusothaman, A.K. Ashwin, Department of Computer Engineering, V. Ramakrishna Polytechnic college participated in “Science and Technology capacity building for industrial needs” held on 6th Feb to 8th Feb 2019 at Sriram Polytechnic college. The program was sponsored by Tamil Nadu State Council for science and Technology Chennai. The 3 day Programme covered

Personality Development, Attitude and Self awareness, Industrial ethics, communication skills, Resume preparation and presentation, How to face interview, Career Guidance, Financial Assistance for entrepreneur.

Mr. Joseph Antony Raj.C, Mr. Manickam, Mr. Sudharsan, Mr. Vinith Kumar students oft of Computer Engineering, V. Ramakrishna Polytechnic college participated in “Science and Technology capacity building for industrial needs” held on 6th Feb to 8th Feb 2019 at Ramakrishna Mission Polytechnic college. The program was sponsored by Tamil Nadu State Council for science and Technology Chennai. The 3 day Programme covered

Personality Development, Attitude and Self awareness,Industrial ethics, communication skills, Resume preparation and presentation,How to face interview, Career Guidance, Financial Assistance for entrepreneur.

In -Plant training

7 students from Vth semester, Computer Engineering Department underwent a hands on training in Web technology specifically in HTML and PHP from 28th November 2018 to 7th December 2018 at Tamilnadu Advanced Technical Training Institute.

Sansbound – The Networking School provided training on Virtualization & Cloud Computing from 10th December 2018 to 12th December 2018 to 4 students of III year and 10 students of II year.


Industrial Visit to New Indian Express

A Report On Industrial Visit

On 23rd January 2019, 42 students of 4th & 6th Semester , Computer Engineering department & 3 staff members visited the New Indian Express, Ambattur.

The Chief Production Manager Mr.T.Jothinarayan, gave a brief over view of the different sections and processes such as Editing, PTI (Press Trust India), NewsWrap , Design News Paper - Indesign Tool, PDF redefine, PREPS Software Tool – to merge PDI plate Thermal, Iwrite, Photoshop for Image processing etc, involved in the Industry.

Following this, the Supervisor explained the difference between the old manual and the modern automated editing & printing systems and how the New Indian Express has evolved from ancient to the modern age, like how articles were written & edited previously and hence the Process was very slow. But today the entire process is automated & very little human intervention is required.

Information about

1. Movement of Paper from one machine to another

2. Integration of colours

3. Import of paper from other countries

4. Usage of water for non image area and ink for Image area

5. The order of colours used Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Blue from 1st to 4th Impression

was also shared with the Students.

The Visit provided an insight into the working of Printing and Publishing industry


                                   Industrial Visit to New Indian Express


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A Report on “ Entrepreneurship Development Programme”

Mrs.Vijaya.S HOD/Computer Engg.,has participated in a 2 day workshop on “Entrepreneur Development Program” held at PSG Polytechnic College, Coimbatore on 16th & 17th September 2016. The Program was conducted by the Directorate of Technical Education under Canada India Institutional Co operation project. Around 20 Polytechnic Colleges from all over Tamilnadu, participated. The focus was on the Need of Entrepreneurs in the current scenario, building capacity as Entrepreneur, creating Entrepreneurial mindset among the students and identifying and evaluating business opportunities The program also created an awareness about the various government schemes available for start ups


Participation of computer students in state level technical symposium

A. Manoj and J Vignesh of II year Computer Engg have participated in the State Level Technical Symposium held at Venkateswara Polytechnic College Kaikurichi Pudukkottai on 10th September 2016



Inter Polytechnic state level Technical paper presentation > Congrats!! Deepika & Monisha > Two teams 1. Deepika S Monica E 2. Gopalakrishnan V & Asifur Rehman > Participated in the Inter Polytechnic College level Paper Presentation held at Rajagopal Polytechnic College, Gudiyatham, Vellore on 1/9/16. > In spite of being students of 3rd semester they had the guts to choose "FACTS" as their topic of presentation. These dare Devils of team 1, unleashed their potential to win the first prize among the 20 participating Colleges. > A great victory for much appreciated by the Judges for the topic chosen and also for the clear and neat presentation. Deepika and Monisha won the first prize with the cash award rs.3000 and the other batch got participation certificates. performance and their confidence level is also boosted for the next presentation. The Advisor and principal in charge congratulated and appreciated the participants and the staff for this achievement.They encouraged and motivated the all other students through their enthusiastic address on prize distribution function.

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Department of computer science engineering arranged an industrial visit to Dell India pvt ltd, sriperumbudur, Kanchipuram. 39 students of final year along with 4 members of faculty visited the manufacturing unit of Dell India on 19th August 2016. The students witnessed the entire real time automatic and semi automatic assembly process of desktop, monitor, laptops and servers. Knowledge on testing and quality control was also imparted. The entire visit was fruitful to both staff and students.


VEE Technologies

Students of Computer Engineering visited VEE Technologies, as a part of their IV programme.


Report on "Desktop Support Engineering Workshop"


A workshop on “Desktop Support Engineering” was arranged on 24th August 2016 for the final year Computer Engineering students. This workshop covered various topics like Network basics, IP Addressing, Server & Client operation, system Configuration and their installation, Network configuration of different office equipment and configuration of MS outlook express as well. The students were trained by Mr.Sathish Selvam ( Lead trainer of Net masters, Chennai), who has a rich experience as a desktop support engineer in various Organisations such as Ensure support services, HCL Technologies, HVF, AVF(Defence). The workshop was useful in bridging the gap between the theory and the real time practice.


Students of II/III Year Computer Engineering branch (47 students) along with 3 staff members, visited CADD centre, Mylapore on 24th December 2016. Technical faculty from Livewire, a sub division of CADD centre, gave presentation on various domain specific courses (Network engineering, Network security, Windows Administration, Linux administration, Data centre virtualization, Cloud computing, Network simulator, Ethical hacking, data analytics, Project management and also about software development programs)@Synergy audio visual centre which is a school of business skills of CADD centre. The students also visited, Dream zone (a part of CADD centre) which is a creative study school for fashion, interior, web and graphic designing. The students also visited Synergy which is a school of business skills. The students were also given live demo on networking & remote desk top monitoring and also Website designing. The students felt the visit was very interesting and useful to them and understood about the expectation of the recruiters in their field.


Students of Computer Engineering department attended a webinar on “Cloud computing” on 7th January 2017, a live telecast by Live wire, Mylapore. It covered the basics of Cloud computing, Cloud architecture, Cloud deployment models, Cloud service models, Virtualization, basic cloud services and cloud service providers and also about the requirements &  job opportunities in the field of Cloud computing. Real time cloud environment was demonstrated by creating and customizing instances.


Students of Computer Engineering & ECE department attended a webinar on “Ethical Hacking” on 29th January 2017, a live telecast by Live wire, Mylapore. It covered the basics of ethical hacking, hacker behavior, types of ethical hacking and recent hacking incidents. A model of real time hacking activity was also shown by creating virtual machines. The webinar also provided information about the international certification on ethical hacking, job opportunities in India & abroad and companies where such openings are available.




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