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A Report on NSS special Camp
NSS unit of V. Ramakrishna Polytechnic College has conducted a special camp at Chennai Corporation Primary School, MMDA, Mathur, and Chennai-68 from 28-02-2017 to 06-03-2017.

Day wise activity schedule:

Sl. NoDayDateActivity
1 1 28-02-2017
Inaugural function of the camp
Tree Plantation
Computer Training
Seminar "Youth for Cleanliness"
2 2 01-03-2017
Yoga and Meditation for School students
Computer Training for School students and village people
Eye Check up by Lucky Eye Hospital for School students and village people
3 3 02-03-2017
Yoga and Meditation for School students
Dental Check up by Dr. Gupta’s Dental Specialist Centre for School students and village people
4 4 03-03-2017
Yoga and Meditation for School students
Tatto Art Training for School Students and NSS Volunteers
Training on Computer Servicing for School Students and village Women
5 5 04-03-2017
Yoga and Meditation for School students
Book Binding Practice for School students
First Aid practice for School students and NSS volunteers
6 6 05-03-2017
Cleaning School Premises
Home Appliances Servicing and Maintenance for village youth and NSS volunteers
Seminar on Digital Payment for Public
7 7 06-03-2017
Cleaning of Amman Temple, park and nearby bus stand
Games competition for school children
Valedictory function

NSS Camp Activities:
Day 1 (28/2/2017, Tuesday):
➢ The camp began with inaugural function at Chennai Corporation School, MMDA , Mathur. The programme was presided by Mr. M. Sundaravadivel Principal i/c, V. Ramakrishna Polytechnic College.
➢ Special Welcome Address was delivered by Mrs. Maryjospin .J Assistant Elementary Education Officer. She wished the entire team of NSS.
➢ Chief Guest Mr. Kumar .R Junior Engineer, Zone II Chennai Corporation appreciated the NSS team.
➢ Programme officers Mr. T. Dhinagaran & V.Ramachandran NSS Cell, VRPT welcomed all the guests and dignitaries and set the tone of the camp. They briefly explained the programme schedule of the whole camp.
➢ After inauguration, students were engaged in planting saplings in the school premises.
➢ Computer training was provided to School pupils by Mr. M. Balamurugan and Mrs. V. Hamsa members of staff, VRPT.
➢ Mr. E. Joushua Rajmohan HOD i/c Mechanical VRPT, spoke on "Role of youth in cleanliness".
➢ NSS Volunteers of the institute participated in cleaning of Chennai Corporation School premises, MMDA, Mathur.

day_01 day_02 day_03 day_04 day_05 

Day 2 (01/03/2017, Wednesday):
➢ Yoga training and Meditation practice was provided to School children and village people.
➢ Under computer training School children and Women were trained in document preparation in MS-Word, spread sheet creation in MS-Excel and power point presentation in MS-Power Point.
➢ Free Eye check up was conducted to School students and Village people with the support of Lucky Eye Hospital.
➢ Around 90 Eyeglasses were donated to village people. 5 old people went free eye Cataract test. Around 500 students got benefited.

day2_01 day2_02 day2_03 day2_04 day2_05 day2_06 day2_07 day2_08 day2_09 day2_10 day2_11 day2_12 day2_13 

Day 3 (02/03/2017, Thursday):
➢ Yoga training and Meditation practice was provided to School children and village people.
➢ Free Dental check up was conducted to School students and Village people with the support of Dr. Gupta’s Dental Specialist Centre.
➢ Training on Doll making, Jewelry making and Tailoring classes provided to School children and Women Welfare Group by P. Nandhini and V. Hamsa Members of Staff, V.Ramakrishna Polytechnic College.

day3_01 day3_02 day3_03 day3_04 day3_05 day3_06 day3_07 day3_08 day3_09 day3_10 day3_11 day3_12 day3_13

Day 4 (03/03/2017, Friday):
➢ Yoga training and Meditation practice was provided to School children and village people.
➢ Under Youth Employability training, Mr. Shyam .R trained the youth in Tattoo Art work
➢ Computer servicing training was provided to youth by Mr. V. Natrajan, Staff, VRPT
➢ Mr. M. Balamurugan, Staff, VRPT provided computer training to School students and Women.

day4_01 day4_02

Day 5 (04/03/2017, Saturday):
➢ Yoga training and Meditation practice was provided to School children and village people.
➢ Book binding practice was provided to School children by Mr. T. Dhinagaran NSS Program Officer, VRPT.
➢ The NSS Programme Officers Mr. T. Dhinagaran and Mr. V. Ramachandran conducted a program on First Aid practice for Youth.

day5_01 day5_02 day5_03 day5_04 day5_05 day5_06 day5_07 day5_08 day5_09 day5_10

Day 6 (05/03/2017, Sunday):
➢ Yoga training and Meditation practice provided to School Children and village people.
➢ Training on Servicing and Maintenance of home appliances like Mixer grinder, fan, Air Conditioner, Washing Machine etc. was provided to youth by Mr. Eswaran .M and team, Comstar Pvt. Limited
➢ Mr. V. Ramachandran NSS Programme Officer, VRPT conducted a Workshop on “Digital Payment” to Village people to promote cashless transactions.

day6_01 day6_02 day6_03 day6_04 day6_05 day6_06 day6_07 day6_08 day6_09 day6_10 

Day 7 (06/03/2017, Monday):
➢ School campus, Amman Temple premises and nearby bus stops were cleaned by NSS Volunteers.
➢ Games conducted for School students and prizes were also distributed to winners.
➢ Valedictory function on NSS camp was organized on School campus. NSS programme officers summarized the events of NSS camp.
➢ Special Chief Guest Mr. Benzamenbabu .K, Zonal Officer participated in valedictory function. He appreciated the NSS volunteers and team for their excellent work done in the camp.
➢ Needful items like bed sheets and 100 steel plates were donated to School by NSS team, VRPT.

day7_01 day7_02 day7_03 day7_04 day7_05 day7_06 day7_07 day7_08 day7_09 day7_10 day7_11 day7_12 day7_13 day7_14 day7_15 day7_16 day7_17 day7_18 day7_19 day7_20 day7_21 day7_22 day7_23 day7_24 day7_25




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