Electronics and Communication Engineering

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

What is ECE

Electronics & Communication Engineering deals with the Electronic Devices, Circuits, Basic Analog And Digital Electronics, Integrated Circuits (IC), Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, VLSI [Very Largescale Integration], Embedded Systems, Bio- Medical Instrumentation Etc.

It also deals with analog and digital transmission, communication equipments like transmitter, receiver, & reception of data, voice and video (Example AM, FM, DTH), satellite communication.

It aims to deepen the knowledge and skills of the students on the basic concepts and theories that will equip them in their professional work involving implementation, operation, production, and maintenance of the various applications equipments and instruments in the field of Electronics and Communications Engineering.

What does an Electronics & Communication Engineer do?

All of the applications which make our life easier and enjoyable such as Mobiles, Television, Smart TVs, Computers, Radio,etc. are designed and developed by Electronics and Communication Engineers.

What is the future for an Electronics & Communication Engineering graduate?

An ECE graduate has great career prospects after completion of the degree. He /She can easily avail job opportunities in manufacturing industries and service organizations.

The opportunities are galore for electronics and communication engineers as they are employed in variety of sectors such as Indian Telephone Industries, Marine, Civil Aviation, Development Centers in various States, Defense, NPL, A.I.R, Railways, Bharat Electronics Limited, D.R.D.O, Telecommunication, Software Engineering/IT, Power sector, Hardware Manufacturing, Home Appliance and VLSI design, Television Industry and Research & Development, etc

Some job titles

  • Service Engineer
  • Technical Support
  • Field Test Engineer
  • Sales Manager
  • Network Engineer
  • Customer Support Engineer