Safety and Security Needs of Commuter Rail Services

Public transportation plays an important role in enhancing the development of any nation. The issue of safety and security has always been of concern to any passenger.

In order to create an awareness of the safety aspects in Railway, an awareness programme on “Safety and Security Needs of Commuter Rail Services” was organized on 13th June 2018 on Campus. Around 150 students of Mechanical, Automobile & EEE students participated. Members from Railway Police Force, Sub inspectors Mr. Bhasha and Mr. Rajendran addressed the gathering.

Mr. Raphael, faculty from Mechanical Department welcomed the dignitaries

The Sub Inspectors highlighted:

  • Issues faced by commuters while travelling by rail due to miscreants
  • Failure of Commuters to follow safety norms resulting in accidents
  • Awareness about the safety rules that the commuters should follow while travelling by train
  • Crossing the railway tracks without using Flyover Bridge resulting in death very often.
  • In the event of thefts, harassment, pick pocketing or other criminal incidents on Railway premises the toll free security helpline number which enables speedy assistance to passengers.
  • Lastly the sub inspector requested the participants to share the information and spread the awareness amongst their family and friends.

Mr. Raphael thanked the entire team for making this Program informative and useful for the participants

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