Special Instruction to Parents

  1. Respond to calls or letters from the institution
  2. Get in touch with the college atleast once a month to know the performance & attendance of your ward.
  3. Make sure that your ward is neatly dressed in college uniform, before he leaves home.
  4. Do not give mobile phones to your ward.
  5. Take interest in the studies of your child at home.
  6. Avoid requesting leave for Pooja, family functions etc.
  7. Inform the change in address, Phone Number(Land line & Mobile) to the institution immediately.
  8. Development/Improvement of Personality & Performance of your ward will depend on your co-operation.
  9. Every student must have 80% of attendance minimum for writing Board Examination for both Theory & Practical. Attendance particulars will be entered in the DOTE Portal every month. The loss of hours cannot be made up by conducting extra classes.