Day 1     26-12-18

Session 1

Registration & Inauguration- Camp Objective -Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp commenced with the registration of 89 students studying in final year of the Department of Mechanical, Automobile, Electrical, Civil, ECE and Computer Engineering in V Ramakrishna Polytechnic College. The Inaugural function followed soon after.
Mr.SagarMakwana, Business Head, JyoAsh Engineers was the Chief Guest. After formal prayer followed by lighting the lamp, Mrs S.Vijaya, Chief Coordinator, welcomed the gathering and explained the objectives of the Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp. The Advisor Mrs. Devika Sivakumar, in her Presidential address, addressed the gathering and emphasized the attributes and skills needed for an entrepreneur. Mr M.Sundaravadivel, Principal in-charge in his special address explained the need for an Entrepreneurial career. The Chief Guest shared his experiences, provided essential tips and wished the participants for their future Entrepreneurial career.

Day 1     26-12-18

Session 2

Historical back ground –Indian values-vis-a-vis-Entrepreneurship and the present scenario

The session started at 11.30 am after the tea break. Business Head and MD of JyoAsh Engineers, Ambattur Mr. SagarMakwana was the Resource person. He focused on the essential attributes of an Entrepreneur. He explained how simplicity in dealing with people, confidence in reaching the goal, fearless in taking risk, passion to be successful and humbleness even after becoming successful would help in sustaining their growth as Entrepreneur. He also emphasized on having a proper plan and roadmap and following Entrepreneurial ethics. The discussion went on towards focusing on the goal, branding and motivation. The session was interactive and the participants were thoroughly involved.

Day 1     26-12-18

Session 3 and 4

Identification of opportunities for Entrepreneurs, Mechanism of Product selection and technology-assistance from R&D labs and others on choice of technology

The session started at 1.45 pm after lunch. Mr. A. Rajkumar, CEO, Algendran Benfit Fund Ltd.., Vice President of YES (Young Entrepreneur School, Chennai). He explained the roles and responsibilities of the various organizations like EDI NRDC&EDII,Chennai. His discussions included the common myths about Entrepreneurs, view of the society towards entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurial Development and benefits of becoming an Entrepreneur. He explained how to plan a small business, how to identify opportunities in the Technical field with or without innovations. The audiences were told about tremendous business opportunities available and also the business risk factors. Viable business opportunities were discussed in consumer products, industrial products and services. The discussion finally focused on traits for successful businessmen, such as creativity, innovation and R&D (macro level & micro level). He explained why entrepreneurs should invest in research & development. While discussing about the vision & mission of National Research Development Corporation, the Resource person referred some useful website links for the Entrepreneurial career. The audience found the session was very useful & informative.

Day 2     27-12-18

Session 1 and 2

How to start an SSI (General concepts about Government formalities, rules & Regulations and different aspects of industrial venture) Technical & Commercial aspects of SSI unit

On the second day the students were anxious to gather more information and their expectation was high. The resource person Mr. C.Viswanathan, Former DGM(TICC) & Deputy Director EDII, started his discussions by explaining “Why the need of taking Decision to be self employed?” and further continued with, starting right from the Decision to become an entrepreneur, Product selection, Registration of the unit, Location of the unit, Project Report preparation, getting Finance, Fixing the work place, Local body clearance, Purchase of machinery, Raw material, getting statutory License, Manpower needs, Production, permanent registration, sales, repayment and profit. The session included quotes for work-life balance and students found that the session was very motivational.

Day 2    27-12-18

Session 3 and 4

Financial Aspects of SSI Unit including Salient features of a Project Report

The Resource person Mr.C.Viswanathan, Former DGM(TICC) & Deputy Director EDII, continued the afternoon session & explained about features of detailed Project Report & various sources of Financial assistance, Principals of sound financial management, Production & Process, Machinery & Production, Market and Major components of Production Cost. The discussions also enlightened about Funds/Subsidy based Government schemes such as Unemployed Youth Employment Generation Program (UYEGP), PMEGP, NEEDS, PMMY, Stand up India Scheme, Make in India and also about credit guarantee scheme for micro and small Enterprises.
The Session also discussed about various National level organizations involved in small industry development and Enterprise promotion, Entrepreneurship support institutions, State Government subsidies/incentives were also discussed in this session. The Participants found the session very informative.

Day 3     28-12-18

Session 1 and 2

Creativity & business- the man behind the venture-the behavioural scientist approach.Communication skills- interacting with people for better results

Mrs.Shyleswari M Rao, Director/ Ved Vyas Inner Space, presented the session. Through experiential learning, the participants were given a real time experience of communication skills. They understood how they need to act under various situations. The participants were also given a chance to showcase their creativity. The session was activity based and participants had the true feel of the real life situations.

Day 3     28-12-18
Session 3      

Lecturers by Practicing Entrepreneur’s. Success stories Common Problems faced by Entrepreneurs

Mr. K.Jothi Shankar, CEO & M.D, GOTEK Tracking Solutions presented his success stories to the participants.He is a Core committee member of Young Entrepreneur School, Chennai chapter & he has won many business awards in YES & YESCON. He started his discussion about, ”What is Entrepreneurship?”, the qualities that an Entrepreneur should have and extended his discussions on various constitutions of business and also about various compliances. He also explained the importance of SWOT analysis for being an Entrepreneur. The discussion also covered broadly many successful Entrepreneurs with case studies, current opportunities and trends, Reasons for business failures and the Success formula to overcome, the Forums for developing Entrepreneurship skills including networking, which created a mindset to become an Entrepreneur among the participants.

Day 3     28-12-18
Session 4      

Valedictory followed by Industrial Visit

The Valedictory of the 3 days Entrepreneur Camp Program started at 3.10 pm. The Chief coordinator & Co-coordinator thanked the Resource persons and the Participants for their enthusiastic participation. Feedback forms were given to participants for giving their valuable feedback. The Advisor & Principal in- charge thanked the entire gathering for making the program successful and distributed Participation Certificates to the participants. After the valedictory, the participants were taken to The KCP Limited for an Industrial Visit.