Rules and Regulation

To instil a sense of discipline in the student the institution has laid down certain rules and regulation and expects that they should follow it strictly.

Dress code : Student should dress neatly in proper uniform and wear shoes and ID cards. Boys should have well trimmed hair and clean shaven face. Metal chains and wrist bands are strictly prohibited.

Timing of College : College timing should be followed strictly. Late coming should be avoided.

Attendance : Minimum 80% of attendance is required to attend the Board Exam.

Leave applications : Parents should give a proper leave letter for leave taken for a genuine purpose. Parents should meet the HOD if a student takes leave continuously for more than one day.

General Discipline on Campus : Carrying mobile phones is strictly prohibited inside the campus. Using abusive words, teasing, physically harming others will be viewed seriously and could lead to dismissal of a student from the college.

Commitment to Class work : Submission of assignments and record books on time is mandatory. Performance in test will be monitored and sent to parents periodically.