In order to empower women with knowledge and skills which could be useful to them in their personal and professional life, SPCU-WID cell conducts many workshops, seminars, competitions for the women (students and staff) in the campus by bringing resource persons.


A program on general hygiene management was conducted for all girl students in the campus on 12/12/2018. The resource person was Mrs. N. Gomathi D.I.T, FEMI Care Director and Chakkaras Trainer, Erode.

Separate sessions were allotted for Staff members.

The participants found the program very useful and understood the need to invest time and effort on health as well as hygiene sincegood health strengthens immune system, an important tool to combat diseases. Hygiene is also an important factor which ensures that a person does not become vulnerable to infection.


Art has a major importance in modern society because it defines us as creative individuals and makes us better people. In order to work creatively and intelligently, a workshop was organized for all the girl students and ladies staff in the campus on 1/02/2019. Thirty five girl students participated in the seminar. All the participants carried old denim material, scissors, needle and thread for the session and under the guidance of the resource person Mr.Esudos, DreamZone of Creative Studies, Kolathur , they coulddesign and sew a variety of bags, pouches etc.


Most of the home appliances are generally used by women at home. Simple issues in these electrical gadgets could delay their task due to dependence on a service technician. An interactive session onElectrical Home Appliances Servicing was conducted on 22nd Feb 2019 in the campus for all the girl students.The resource person was Mr.T.DhinagaranSr.Lect/EEE . The program focused on the usual problems encountered in the equipment. The resource person demonstrated the process of troubleshooting thesefaults. Knowledge on how to improve the performance and life of the gadgets through preventive maintenance was also imparted.

The students felt that the program was very interesting and the tips, provided by the resource was very useful. The simplicity and clarity in presentation was helpful to the participants. The participants wanted this program to be repeated at least once every semester to hone their skills better.


Although cooking without fire is healthy, easy and quick, yet it is very challenging. In order to encourage and create interest among the girl students for preparing healthy dishes, a fire free cooking competition was conducted on 8th March 2019 as a part of the Woman’s Day celebration in the Campus. All the students (girls) enthusiastically participated as teams. There was a lot excitement and the air was filled with a spirit to win. All the participating teams were appreciated and the winning teams were

  • V.Varshini&V.SangeethaIII Year EEE in the First Position
  • S.Jaisri&S.Pavithra III year/EEE in the Second Position
  • D.Saritha&R.RathikaII Year/Computer Engineering

could dish out Bread Halwa, Bread Sandwitch, Sweet Fruit Jam ,Mango Spicy, Apple walnut salad, Banana delight, Dates laddu, Beetroot juice,Chenna, Aval with coconut, which were all very yummy.


A program on ‘Gender sensitization’ was organized for members of staff and students on campus under VRPT / SPCU –WID on 12th January 2017. Dr. Shanthi Krishnaraj briefed on Gender sensitization and its Key issues and linkages. Gender sensitization is one basic requirement for the normal development of an individual. Without being sensitive to the needs of a particular gender, individual may refrain from understanding the opposite gender and in some acute cases even himself or herself. The need for this sensitivity has been felt very much these days. Gender sensitization also refers to the need to change the behavior of teachers and parents towards children that can lead to gender equality. This program was organized to understand the corrective measures needed in our behavior towards the children and society on gender equality. Dr. Shanthi Krishnaraj – a retired economic professor of Madras University who is a recipient of Fulbright Post doctoral fellowship and ICSSR Senior research fellowship.



 To empower women - to exhibit their creativity, skill s & become economically Self-reliant in a family, number of programs are organized through WID forum of VRPT / SPCU. This week a program on ‘making – a - bouquet’ was organized for women on campus on 05-01-2017. Mr.T.Dhinagaran , NSS PO volunteered to demonstrate on arranging different types of bouquets and flower arrangement. All the students were given a chance to make their own style of bouquet.